Madness: ASIO wants more foxes to guard hen house

Abandoned barn of a brain

Abandoned barn of a brain

In the cultural relativist mess of contradictions rattling around ASIO boss David Irvine’s head, all religions are the same, and threats of terrorist attacks on Australian soil have ‘nothing to do with Islam’. It’s just as likely that such an attack could be carried out by, say, Methodists, or Buddhists, right?

“I can say this on behalf of the whole Australian government … We are not fighting Islam, we are fighting terrorism. And they’re two very, very different things,” Mr Irvine said.

“It just doesn’t make sense and frankly it’s an outrage to my sense of being an Australian that we would claim to be fighting Islam.”

In fact, pretending there is no link between Islam and terrorism isn’t going far enough, and Irvine continues:

Mr Irvine also urged more Muslims to join ASIO and acknowledged the government had more work to do in building bridges with Muslims.

“We in the government may not be as good at [listening to the Muslim community] as we should be and that’s something we also should continue to work on,” he said.

Why the continual kid-gloves approach with the Muslim community? On the one hand it’s ‘nothing to do with Islam’ but on the other, Islam is singled out for special treatment and extra consultation. As I said, it’s just a mess of contradictions.

“We only understand a community with the help of that community. We will make mistakes and we do make mistakes and … I would actually like more members of the Australian Muslim community working in ASIO. That will help us understand better, but this is an organisation that is designed to protect you and you should be part of it.” (source)

And this from the head of Australia’s security services? Extraordinary.

The longer we pretend we don’t know what we are up against, the longer it will take to deal with it, and the safety of Australians will be compromised by the very organisation that is supposed to protect it.

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  1. Why are we trying so darn hard to appease one group in our society? Are we afraid of the consequences if we don’t? I think some strength of leadership is needed, so stop the grovelling Australia!


  2. Honeybadger says:

    The verdict is overwhelmingly in. Import muslims to Australia at your own peril.


  3. I have never heard of any person, whether head of a company or government department, ever calling for more people from a particular religious group to come and join their ranks.
    Have we gone stark raving mad?
    How is it that the only people we ever try to appease are the Muslims?
    Insanity does not even begin to describe this guy’s antics.
    Bizarre. Seriously bizarre.


  4. Graham Richards says:

    The policies of the “governments” past & present defies all logic. We merrily continue to “import more & more trouble “. Stop importing these alien cultures. The Muslims will never assimilate into our society. They [the majority] don’t want to.
    One never hears of any local protests against Muslim barbarity in the worlds [growing] trouble spots, only when we make moves to thwart their efforts to maintain & promote chaos.

    Believe me if & when Israel falls to the Islamic horde, the next target will be Rome.
    That’s when the west will possibly wake up or continue with their appeasement. Remember
    PM Chamberlains appeasement of the National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI). What did that lead to??
    It’s time for decisions!!


  5. Old Ranga says:

    Neville Chamberlain tried appeasement in the late 1930s. It didn’t work.


  6. aussiecodger39 says:

    Get RID of this PC fool!


  7. I’m not surprised about leaving the door open to equate *any* religion as a hot bed of “terrorism”

    I can see the day of a new “Reich Church”, where all religions are combined, having an opinion is outlawed so we are “safe”.

    From a Bible believing christian persective, we are counting down the days to intense christian persecution bythe powers that be, as the Bible clealy says will occur. The likely scenario is a world govt, running through the UN, with the Antichrist heading it all. The world is forming into 10 super-nations ( NAFTA, ASEAN, AU, NAU, AU, EU, Japan, China etc ) , as the prophecy in Daniel foretold. It highly liklely we will have a deliberately provoked war between islam and the west, and once the muslims are neutralized, the powers that be will come after anyone who resists the satanic ecumenical “Reich Church” of the Antichrist, namely bible believing Christians or Jews.

    When leaders say we are “having war for 100 years”, its code for setting up a permenant police state world wide with “terror” as its excuse. But this is all in line with prohecy – the Antichrist will be a super politician – able to break the mid east log jam, but ruthless and horrifically brutal. Through “peace” he will killl many.

    I expect this post not to make it through moderation – but thats OK, I have done my job of warning people about the very near coming Judgement of Almight God YHWH.

    People need to repent, and accept Jesus as their saviour while they still can. The door will shut soon.



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