Islamic State leader has PhD in Islamic theology

Failed Islam 101…?

Failed Islam 101…?

But Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi still manages to get Islam so very, very wrong! 

Doesn’t he realise it’s the ‘Religion of Peace’? Where did he get this twisted and warped idea that it’s OK to murder Christians indiscriminately and behead infidels in the name of Islam? Please, can we get someone from the ABC or Fairfax to set him straight?

A professor, teacher, former educator, recognized preacher, and a graduate of the Islamic University in Baghdad, where he finished his academic studies (BA, MA and PhD). He is known as a preacher and a person of knowledge in Islamic culture, Shariah knowledge, and jurisprudence, and possessing vast knowledge of history and lineage.

He is a man from a religious family. His brothers and uncles include preachers and teachers in Arabic, eloquence and logic. (source)

Personally, I’d be asking the Islamic University in Baghdad for my money back, as they clearly haven’t a clue what they are talking about.


  1. It’s way past time we started calling these beheaders what they are- perverts.

    And their supporters- primitive savages.

    I don’t condemn all islamics, just the perverts and primitive savages amongst them.

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  2. Something clearly went wrong with his studies, seeing as he was taught the exact opposite to what the Koran says. Or maybe there’s an issue with the translation? I should read “religion of pieces” and not peace?


  3. I remember when Osama Bin Laden was killed the media reporting that he was given an ‘Islamic burial’. I thought that odd as the previous decade or so we had been told that OBL wasn’t a ‘real Muslim’ etc.

    File it under ‘political correctness makes you stupid’ I guess.


  4. Read article and wondering if this guy is the one who turned terrorists (read ISIL) into an army (of murdering barbarians):
    Ibrahim al-Douri was Saddam Hussein’s right-hand man;


  5. Graham Richards says:

    Islamic State leader has PhD in Islamic theology???…………..and this makes him a …what?
    Maybe he would be a better man with a PhD in vetenary science or gynaecology.

    His current Phd won’t win him many points here in Australia.


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