‘My flag is the flag of Allah. That’s my flag.’

"That's my flag!"

“That’s my flag!”

Doesn’t sound very ‘Team Australia’, does it?

And that, of course, is at the heart of the problem. Where do Muslim loyalties really lie? Would they dob in a neighbour they knew was involved in a terrorist plot? Would they report hate preaching at their local mosque to the Australian police? Do their loyalties lie with their country of citizenship, over and above the global Muslim umma?

If the answers to any of these questions is ‘no’, then that person cannot be trusted, since, by their acquiescence, they are indirectly aiding and abetting the spread of Islam to non-Muslim countries, which after all is their duty.

A SENIOR leader of radical Sydney-based Islamic organisation al-Risalah has denounced the Australian flag, as the group’s supporters posted Facebook messages about ­beheading “non-believers”.

Wissam Haddad, the head of the al-Risalah Islamic Centre in Sydney’s southwest, yesterday told The Daily Telegraph he followed the “flag of Allah” rather than the flag of Australia.

The flag, called the Shahada, is the same as the one used by Islamic State terrorists who have been spreading death and terror across the Middle East.

“I’m not comfortable personally holding the (Australian) flag because this flag does not represent me as a Muslim. My flag is the flag of Allah. That’s my flag.

“For me to have the Shahada flag, as it’s called, that’s a flag that I stand and live and die for and I don’t stand and live and die for the Australian flag.”

Don’t hold back. Tell us what you really think… But to point this out would be ‘Islamophobic’, and it’s just part of our Multicultural enrichment, right?

Wrong. People like this are not Australian, are openly anti-Australian, and have no place living in Australia. Furthermore, the al-Risalah centre in Sydney is a hotbed of radicalism.

There is an Islamic bookshop onsite – with all that scholarly literature, how to they still manage to get Islam so wrong? It seems that all of those books seem to point to some ‘twisted’ version of Islam, and not the fluffy Religion of Peace that our politicians would have us believe it is.


  1. What these Islamic [people] do not understand is that there is no such thing as [Allah]. As you have said, it is not a religion but a violent, racist, supremecist idiology that appeals to these [people] from the 7th century. [snip] They and their [snip] Islamic religion have no place in this country.

    [REPLY: Grateful for your comment, but can we avoid gratuitously offensive remarks, please? We can at least keep our arguments logical and polite – thanks! – Ed]


  2. I think he should get all his welfare, benefits, medicare, etc from the office that flies that flag, not from the offices that fly the Australian flag.
    I’ll bet he’s an Australian every time he turns up for free health care, free education, and probably some sort of dole or pension every fortnight.


    • Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

      And he would take that away from us and turn the country into a backward, medieval hell if Labor and the Greens have their way.


  3. Simon Colwell says:

    Deport the lot of them.

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  4. The Islam-Infidel War drags on……….


    • Charles Johnson says:

      They haven’t started in earnest yet, but they are becoming more audacious by the day. I see very black clouds on the horizon. One hopes the majority of non-Muslims wake up and amke a stand before their sickness spreads too far.


  5. Just read the following on Yahoo news and am amazed that responsible journalists would write this.
    ICV secretary Ghaith Krayem was also critical of comments made by Mr Abbott on Macquarie Radio on Monday, and said it appeared as though the PM’s office was seeking to “tick the box” for consultation with Muslims before pushing through its law changes.
    Mr Abbot’s comments in the radio interview included “everyone has got to be on team Australia” and “you don’t migrate to this country unless you want to join our team”.
    “What we look for from our Prime Minister is true leadership in difficult times but what we find … is a Prime Minister who wilfully places our community in the crosshairs of every bigot and racist in the country,” Mr Krayem said.
    “When we are trying to build harmony and goodwill across the community we cannot understand the motives behind the Prime Minister’s inflammatory remarks.
    “Accordingly, the ICV has withdrawn its attendance from today’s meeting and urges all other community leaders to do likewise.”
    I find those who scream racist the loudest usually are.


  6. They don’t assimilate not even 3 generations from now! Never!

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  7. Whats the old saying…”You cant reason with a m……”
    I have a friend who lives in Israel.
    I get to hear what its like living with Islam all around you.
    Thank goodness for the IDF is all I can say.

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