Useful Idiots #3: Australian converts

"Eye catching"

Stephanie: “eye catching”

The task of da’wah, the proselytising and spreading of Islam to the kafirs, is made a great deal easier by a particular group of Useful Idiots – Western-born non-Muslims, particularly women, who voluntarily convert to Islam.

In Iraq, Islamic State is forcing Christians to convert – or die. In Africa, Boko Haram kidnaps schoolgirls for daring to seek an education. Both are driven by the intolerant, supremacist ideology that is Islam and sharia.

What would possess any right minded person to convert, of his or her own will, to a religion (more accurately a universal political ideology) which is stuck in the 7th century, and which has caused, and continues to cause, so much conflict and grief in the world? Especially women, who are treated as less than equal under the the misogynistic rules of the sharia. I sincerely hope that they never obtain their wish of living under genuine Islamic law, because if they were ever to be raped, they must remember to make quite sure they have four witnesses standing by, else they will be accused of adultery and will face stoning…

But the Daily Telegraph reports on a number of such women. I was hoping to get an insight as to the real reasons for such conversions, but we got none of that from Taylor Auerbach – just fluffy, feel-good propaganda which glamourises and normalises the Religion of Peace:

Jessica, 28, converted to Islam six years after her husband Michael. The two were high school sweethearts.

The elephant in the sunlit, salty-aired living room of their Sydney home is, of course, the terrorist Khaled Sharrouf.

Sharrouf’s son — pictured holding the head of a Syrian soldier in a photograph that shocked the world — is not much older than their eldest daughter, who is watching The Wiggles and munching on biscuits.

“It makes me really sad that people feel they need to do that and that there is a situation in the world that’s causing it to happen,” she says.

They need to behead infidels because 47:4 requires it of course:

So when you meet those who disbelieve [in battle], strike [their] necks until, when you have inflicted slaughter upon them, then secure their bonds, and either [confer] favor afterwards or ransom [them] until the war lays down its burdens.

Maybe Jessica hasn’t got to that bit in the Qur’an yet.

“It only takes one image to make everyone think ‘oh my gosh, everyone’s doing that’.”

Council worker Stephanie Jenner, a fourth-generation Australian raised in Noosa, agrees with the sentiment.

“There’s absolutely nothing in (the Koran) that suggests it’s OK to kill people,” she says.

Ah, bless. The poor lamb really hasn’t got a clue… either that or she has learnt the art of taqiyya very quickly.

“It is horrible to hear people say that they actually think Muslims want to hurt people because it is just madness.”

When she meets The Saturday Telegraph for coffee in Top Ryde she is covered from head to toe in eye-catching turquoise.


The former “racist” party girl now declines to shake male hands, doesn’t go near bacon or alcohol and is thrilled at who she has become.

Now her racism can truly flourish, because she is now part of a supposed elite that looks down on the rest of the population as filthy infidels.


  1. I am curious to know what the public response would be to a well known/influential Australian ‘infidel’ offering their left hand to shake, or indeed no hand at all, with the presumption that the muslim person they were meeting would either offer their left hand, or refuse to do so altogether. I am guessing it’d be “cultural sensitivity’, or ‘blatant islamophobia’, with the ABC deciding which way to jump based on the political preferences of said infidel.


  2. luisadownunder says:

    The new elite.


  3. It’s interesting that the reasons for conversion appear to be so shallow, and not really covered at all, regarding the 1st person. Not one of them was quoted as saying anything at all about religious faith. – A deliberate ploy by the author? Or is being Muslim, the new ‘gay’, or the new ‘gluten free’ with everyone wanting to jump on the bandwagon because it looks like they care about something, or because they desperately want to be seen as a little bit different to their peers…?

    The way the article reads, the 1st person seemed more focussed on what others think of her, the 2nd was probably pressured into it by her husband and his family, with a smattering of “look at me! look at me! I’m different to the majority!”, and the 3rd seemingly converted to ‘get a girl’. It’s true, they aren’t ever going to be suicide bombers, because there’s a big difference between an egotistical and smug superiority complex, and strapping on an explosive vest.

    I’d actually have more (or some) respect for them if they genuinely wanted to discuss their faith, their religious beliefs, and what is is about the teachings of Mohammad that made them want to covert. Then again, it is the Telegraph…


  4. Simon Colwell says:

    Other people get back at their parents/society/whoever by dying their hair green, taking drugs or protesting in the streets for some lunatic left wing cause eg climate change.


  5. I wonder if she have her daughter genitally mutilated and marry her off to that kid with the head.


  6. Let’s see, in extreme patriarchal societies, women don’t have to work at jobs — in fact they’re usually forbidden to take them. Their menfolk are expected to support them for life in return for submission in all things as well as having older and supposedly wiser relatives choose their hsubands. Put this way, I can think of lots of women who would say: Sign me up right now. Don’t know how closely Islam hews to this sort of stereotypical patriarchy, but it’s easy to see that there might be a lot of women today who would deeply and sincerely prefer this sort of arrangement in place of the everyday humiliation of being rejected over and over again on the job and dating markets. EVen though this sort of rejection occurs to almost everyone, that doesn’t make it any more pleasant to experience.


  7. I too had wondered about the ‘feel good’ sentiments with not much in the way of exactly WHY they feel Islam is the best thing that could have happened to them.


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