More excuses, and still no action?

Just a simple language barrier to peace and harmony?

Just a simple language barrier to peace and harmony?

I have to confess to not really understanding the point here:

SENIOR Australian Islamic leaders are disconnected from the radicals they are trying to help and from mainstream Australian ­society because they are unable or unwilling to relay their messages in English and are seen to have “sold out” to the government.

As the nation grapples with how to deal with radicalised young men wishing to join extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, community leaders have warned of strong barriers preventing top Islamic authorities from building relationships with such English-speaking, Australian-born citizens.

Huh? So the reason that Islamic leaders fail to prevent radicalism is because… they’re telling them in the wrong language? All we need is Google Translate and all the problems would be solved!

I guess if they had used English primarily, they would have said messages should have been in Arabic. It continues:

The warning came as the Australian spokesman for the controversial Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir said, in English, that anyone travelling to Syria and Iraq to help “oppressed” people was carrying out a noble deed — regardless of what they did there.

That press release is very much in English. And it communicates an approval of Australian Muslims travelling to war zones to take part in Jihad operations. Whatever language you use, the message is still the same.

There’s more, however:

Several community members and leaders said the young men likely to be sympathetic to the jihad distrusted senior imams because they believed that their dealings with government had made them Canberra’s puppets…

So all that multiculti interfaith dialogue, of which the Left is so in favour, actually makes no difference, since in the view of many Muslims, any discussion with the kafir Australian government is regarded as a sign of weakness and viewed with suspicion.

This is just yet more pitiful excuses, I’m afraid.


  1. Perhaps the solution is to encourage these ‘radicalised young men’ to leave the country? A bit of a NIMBY solution, I know, but we keep being told we shouldn’t stifle the dreams and hopes of children and youths… Just make sure they have no ID papers on them when they arrive at their destination, after all, why would they want/need a passport in the name of country full of infidels?


  2. aussiecodger39 says:

    What they say in English means NOTHING, what they say in Arabic is the key.

    NEVER trust them!


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