Useful Idiot #2: Craig Laundy



Step forward, Liberal MP for Reid, Craig Laundy, recipient of the second gong for Useful Idiot.

Laundy threatened to cross the floor on a vote on repeal of section 18C, after receiving thousands of protests from his electorate, which includes the Sydney suburb of Auburn (>40% Muslim population).And tomorrow, he will speak at an event entitled From Iraq to Gaza: The Politics of Fear, organised by the Lebanese Muslim Association. I think we can guess where the blame for all of the above will be laid – at the feet of Israel and the West.

Finally, to cap it off, he demonstrated his complete ignorance of the factors in play in Iraq and Syria by stating that the actions of the Islamic State were nothing more than ‘sectarian terrorism’. Go back to sleep, infidel. Nothing to see here.


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    It’s because of half-wits like him that I no longer vote for the Liberal Party.


  2. Well, obviously it’s ok to protest outside a Jewish chocolate shop, and for a local council to attempt to boycott anything israeli, because “it’s about Israel, not about Judaism”. An argument which is, according to these very same people, not allowed to be used with regards to Islam and the savage loonies using it as an excuse to kill people.

    In the case of Israel vs Palestine, why is it so hard for people to condemn outright, any violent acts perpetrated by the Palestinians, or by Israel… neither seem to know how to behave like reasonable, respectable members of the human race…but I digress.

    As for the Christians in Iraq, it’s ok for the ABC to publish comments like “thats what they deserve after forcing their religion on others for thousands of years”, but not once have I seen a similarly harsh comment directed at any other religion. The same thing goes for comments describing Christianity as ‘believing in an imaginary friend’, or demands to close all churches and ban Christianity – these get published, yet there’s a distinct lack of similarly derogatory and intolerant comments specifically targeting other religions. I imagine the moderators are solely responsible for this, but I guess it’s possible that they are not, and it’s just a reflection of the section of the ignorant and narrow-minded community which comments on ABC opinion pieces.

    The obvious anti-christian stance by the ‘left’ in Australia is a problem in itself, especially when poorly, and ignorantly disguised as “anti-religion”, or ‘keeping Australia secular’. Not allowing Easter or Christmas celebrations or decorations in public buildings or schools because they are ‘offensive to non christians’ seems patently ridiculous to me. Unlike these people, I appreciate and welcome religious diversity in Australia, and appreciate that it is a country based on Christian beliefs and ideals – even though I do not possess any religious faith myself. Will these same lobbyists be asking for Chinese New Year celebrations to be taken off public streets in case they cause offence to anyone who follows the gregorian calendar? I doubt it…


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