Why would new anti-terror laws impinge especially “on those of Muslim faith”?

Grand mufti

Grand mufti

This is odd, because anti-terror laws apply to all Australians equally.

Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, mufti of Australia, turned down an invitation to an AFP Eid Dinner, and said:

“[The Australian National Imams Council] believes that the proposed changes to the anti-terrorism laws will severely impinge on the rights and freedoms of all Australians and especially those of Muslim faith.”

So what rights and freedoms of the Muslim faith will be impinged upon by anti-terror laws to a greater extent than the rest of the population? Do those of the Muslim faith have additional rights and freedoms beyond those of other Australians? No (or at least the answer should be no).

The only conclusion that can be drawn from the mufti’s comments is that the conduct of Muslims themselves must lend itself to be more severely impinged by those anti-terror laws.

Which is close to an admission that Muslims are more likely to be involved in terrorist acts than the rest of the population.


  1. Not all muslims are terrorists however, most terrorists are muslim. So these imams are obviously worried that they won’t be able to declare jihad on the infidels under these new laws. If these “leaders” are so sure that Islam is the religion of peace, why do they say such stupid things?

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  2. One of the most egregious oversites relative to 18C is that time and time again these imams and muftis are reported making anti-semitic threats and statements which are not only offensive, but contrary to a number of other laws, and never taken to task. The country has well and truly lost its moral compass.

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  3. It might be because at one level, all political power is used by insiders against outsiders.

    Ask yourself, for instance, why the formerly “terrorist group ” the PKK is now referred to as the Peshmerga, which was always their military arm of the PKK, now that the Peshmerga is fighting against ISIL. What do our former friends in Turkey think about that? Funny, it doesn’t seem to get any mention at all in the political analysis. Are we being softened up for something?

    A sane political site would be really refreshing, but can you get the information to run it, if you don’t toe someone’s line?


  4. For a a way of life (islam) practised by a relatively small percentage of the Australian population (I believe 2.7% 0f the population), it is statistically alarming the amount of publicity islam is attracting.

    Elements of muslim society have embarked on islamic jihad. It’s part of the islamofascim agenda commenced by the Muslim Brotherhood many years ago. These are evil bastards doing their evil in the name of Allah and islam, and they proudly proclaim so!

    I think it is time to organise a national “dob an islamist” campaign across Australia and the world… to identify these scoundrels and deal with them once and for all.

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  5. Rule #303 works for me.<:o)


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