Letter to Defence Minister

The following is my letter to Defence Minister, Senator David Johnston.

Dear Mr Johnston,

In today’s Australian newspaper, you are quoted, in relation to the image of Khaled Sharrouf’s son, as saying:

“This is a shocking misrepresentation of Islam. I am very upset about this sort of thing completely colouring our view of Muslims. I think anybody who knows and understands the Muslim community in Australia knows that they are by far a very peace-loving and respectful group of people with respect of Australian laws.”

Whilst I agree that the majority of Australian Muslims are peace-loving and respectful (I emphasise the distinction between Islam as a socio-political ideology and individual Muslims), please would you kindly explain how the actions of the Islamic State are a ‘misrepresentation of Islam’?

In particular, I would be interested to hear your views on why Western politicians appear to be the only ones to understand the true ‘peaceful’ nature of Islam, whilst those who are most intimately acquainted with Islam and the Koran, the imams, preachers and ‘scholars’ of the Middle East, continually use their religion to justify savage and barbaric acts of violence against non-Muslims. If one understands the true nature of Islam one would be forced to conclude that the actions of the Islamic State are, in fact, a remarkably accurate interpretation of the teachings of the Koran.

If Western governments are going to deal with the threat of Islam, they should appreciate its true nature, rather than pretending it is the “Religion of Peace” – a highly dangerous delusion.

I look forward to your response.

It will be interesting to see if any such response is forthcoming.


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply. I sent an email along similar lines to my local MP, Paul Fletcher, a few days ago. He replied to my first email with what can only be described as absurd jibberish. My follow-up email has so far been ignored. See below:

    To: Fletcher, Paul (MP)
    Subject: s18C


    The government’s decision not to repeal s18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is gutless and pathetic.


    Simon Colwell
    From: Fletcher, Paul (MP) [mailto:Paul.Fletcher.MP@aph.gov.au]
    Sent: Monday, 11 August 2014 8:07 AM
    To: Colwell, Simon
    Subject: RE: s18C

    Dear Mr Colwell

    Thank you for your email regarding the Government’s recent decision not to proceed with the proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. I appreciate the time you have taken to contact me with your concerns.

    Upon the announcement of the proposed amendments, the Government released the changes for public comment. The Government consistently stated that the final form of the amendments would be influenced by the feedback received through this public consultation process. The feedback received in this process has revealed a range of views, but overwhelmingly community sentiment has been against the proposed amendments.

    In light of this, and of the importance of maintaining community cohesion as we announce significant new measures designed to protect Australia against the risk of home-grown terrorists returning from conflict zones to carry out terrorist attacks at home, the Government has taken the decision to not proceed with the changes. I understand that you are disappointed by this; however ultimately maintaining the unity and safety of our community must be the Government’s highest priority.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me on this important issue.


    Paul Fletcher MP
    Federal Member for Bradfield
    Parliamentary Secretary to the
    Minister for Communications

    Level 2, 280 Pacific Highway
    Lindfield NSW 2070


    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my email, however I must say I find your response completely unsatisfactory. I fail to see what my right to call a spade a spade, however incorrect that opinion may be, has to do with national security. If the government really is concerned about “the risk of home-grown terrorists returning from conflict zones to carry out terrorist attacks at home” then why not just prevent them from returning home ? Tear up their passports and cancel their citizenship ! And if “maintaining the unity and safety of our community must be the Government’s highest priority” then isn’t it time the government started to reconsider exactly who we let into our community.

    You know to whom I am referring. I would spell it out for you however I fear the same treatment as that dished out to Andrew Bolt under s18C if I do spell it out. It also hasn’t escaped my attention that many of these people often speak with great impunity on various topics eg slaughtering Jews, beheading infidels etc, without ever being prosecuted under s18C. Why is this the case ? I fail to see how selectively applying laws to some sections of the community but not others will contribute to “maintaining community cohesion”.

    Paul, I reiterate that your government’s decision not to repeal s18C is gutless and pathetic. The reason you have provided me is ludicrous. Even if it was true it would merely be a sign of the government kowtowing to a noisy, violent and intolerant minority within our community.


    Simon Colwell

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  2. Ross Stacey says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Simon. The greatest political mistake made by govts. in this country was to change from a policy of assimilation to one of integration. Our immigration policy should accept with open arms those who wish to become Australian and renounce their former citizenships. They must accept Australian laws that are based on Christian values. It appears to me that Muslims will never accept Christian based laws! All of the left side of politics have been conned into believing that integrating all Faiths into Australian society will lead to a better society. Unfortunately Islam will never accept this and the sooner the idealists understand that the better.

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  3. I want to say thank you for starting this blog.

    I’ve thought long and hard about getting involved in this argument/debate, but after seeing that grossly offensive and inhuman image yesterday I am angry.

    I am angry at politicians, especially those of the persuasion who think it’s OK to allow economic “refugees” into our country and advocate an “open border” policy and yet are silent in the face of genocide.

    I am angry at anyone who suggests Australia does not have a right to protect itself from militancy and violence.

    I am angry that these people, who appear to be rom the “left” seem to dominate “our ABC”, and others decry the fact they are being “persecuted” in Australia because they are Muslim. Yet they are obviously free to express their opinion. If they want a definition of “persecution” may I suggest they look to Iraq today.

    I am angry that our country has seemingly become so “politically correct” we cannot criticise anyone or speak our mind openly for fear of reprisal, or because some politician is afraid he or she may lose their seat due to the ethnic or religion composition of their constituency.

    I am angry that the “debate” even today, Wednesday, morphs conveniently away from true refugees like the Yazidi people and is politicised by people like the Greens and independent senators.

    I am sick and tired of the MSM being apologists for terrorist groups like Hamas.

    I am sick and tired of the anti-Semitism which seems to be rearing its ugly head both here and abroad.

    I am sick and tired of hearing that Islam is a “Religion of Peace”.

    I am sick and tired of hearing that Muslims in Australia who are terrorists or who advocate violence are a “small minority”, yet I see demonstrations with hundreds of apparently Muslim people brandishing signs and vehemently protesting.

    I am sick and tired of hearing that Australian Muslims are horrified by what’s happening in Iraq; well, WHERE are they? I don’t see THEM demonstrating in the streets? Instead I see groups with placards placed in the hand of a child saying “Behead the Infidel”.

    I am sick and tired of people saying they have Muslim friends and they just “know” they “aren’t like that”. Again I ask, WHERE are they? They seem to have no problem saying “I’m being victimised because of my religion”, so why the lack of protestation when it comes to be-headings and ethnic cleansing and stories of women being sold into slavery and girls being genitally mutilated…… and groups being hounded onto a mountain top. Where are they writing into the MSM and blogs and protesting loudly and strongly on TV against these atrocities?

    I’m tired of it all. And I despair for my country and its future.

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  4. The wider community probably didn’t engage in the formal consultation process on 18C because they (we) were relying on our thick head politicians to know what we elected them to do – and to do it. The only people who would have got busy protesting about ditching 18C were those who wanted the majority of free speaking, thinking Australian citizens silenced. Today’s politicians think they are safe from public anger about what is likely to come in this country because their apathy and refusal to take the measures that are necessary didn’t start with them. It started many years ago and now we are seeing the results. Have you ever noticed how politicians write condescending letters that do not take into account what may be referred to as the silent majority? These days staffers only have to read the blogs to assess the public mood. My family also fears for the future and so does everyone who engages in conversation with us on this very subject.

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