London Bridge – media responds

Blah blah blah, lone wolf, blah blah, mental health issues, blah blah blah, no clear motive, blah blah, nothing to do wth Islam, blah blah blah, mother said he was a “very good boy”, blah blah, became increasingly devout, blah blah blah, religious garb, blah blah, part and parcel of living in a major city, […]

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Christchurch Attack – No excuses – some explanations?

It has been a while since I posted here on Aussie Madness, but the events of yesterday have prompted me to comment. Before going on, I must make clear that the attack on two mosques in Christchurch must be condemned on all levels without reservation. It was a shocking act of violence for which there […]

Disgusting: British Army prostrates itself before Islam

What ever next? Will they send a message apologising for all the wars they have ever fought in? Why not surrender completely! It would be quicker, and less painful. The UK is screwed. Prayer time on patrol: British Army defies critics of politically correct campaign as it releases new recruitment video showing Muslim soldier praying […]

Anatomy of media denial in response to an Islamic terror attack

UPDATE: And as if by magic, a perfect example comes along here! News: “Car runs down pedestrians.” Media: “Tragic accident. No indication this was terror-related.” News: “Man driving car made no attempt to stop.” Media: “He may have suffered a medical emergency. No indication this was terror-related.” News: “Man exited the vehicle and stabbed several passers by.” […]

“Allahu akbollards” take over Melbourne

“Denial Daniel” is desperate to appease his Muslim voter base and his ultra-far-left refugee-huggers, so he refuses to acknowledge the problem of jihad in his state. So instead, he treats the symptoms, e.g. ugly diversity bollards to stop car attacks. Horse, stable door etc, etc… Apart from looking awful, they are a band-aid solution. Maybe the […]


Fortress Sydney for New Years Eve

If we hadn’t spent decades importing a feral underclass of unassimilable third world Muslims, any one of whom might decide to go jihad at any moment, none of this would be necessary. If we had acknowledged the reality of the global jihad against non-Muslims inspired by the Qur’an and taken appropriate steps to exclude those […]

Mohammedan Megaphones installed in Melbourne

I know they are calling them emergency loudspeakers, but I think they’ve been secretly installed to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer, for when Victoria eventually submits to Islam… Early jihad warning loudspeakers, or as we call them here at Aussie Madness, “Mohammedan Megaphones”, have been installed and tested in Melbourne, although strangely they didn’t […]

More mental illness precautions: Trucks and cranes block Sydney shopping streets

What other reason could there be? Surely these measures aren’t there to protect us from vehicular jihadis? That would be racist and Islamophobic! And anyway, both the Flinders Street (2017) and Bourke Street (2016) attacks have been classified as non-terror related. The only explanation is that it must be to ensure that shoppers do not […]

Wikipedia: Melbourne vehicular jihad “not terror related”

Wikipedia has a page on vehicle ramming attacks which lists recent terror and non-terror related incidents. It is instructive on many levels. Firstly, the list of non-terror related events is almost as long as the terror-related events, the impression given that non-terror related vehicular events are just part and parcel of modern life in a big […]

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