Why is “Islamophobia” a thing, but Hinduphobia, Sikhophobia or Buddhaphobia aren’t?

Or any other religion-o-phobia for that matter? What is so special about Islam that it gets its own phobia, when other religions don’t? Surely if white Westerners were as racist as we are supposed to be, then naturally we would be as hostile to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, wouldn’t we? Apparently not. And we don’t see […]

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Finsbury Park: No excuses for violence, but we must be honest

Any violence carried out against innocent people is to be condemned and the Finsbury Park attack is no exception. But we must be honest in its evaluation compared to the recent Islamic attacks, and the history of global jihad. You can be sure that the Islamic community will exploit this incident as ‘evidence’ of widespread […]

UK: The start of civil war?

UPDATE: As expected, some of the Muslim organisations in the UK are already hammering home the Islamophobia line. The kuffar-phobia that has existed at far greater levels since the 7th century rarely gets a mention, of course… It was always inevitable that some unbalanced individual would eventually take it into his or her own hands to retaliate for […]

Unions and Greens are lawless thugs

Civil society is based on the rule of law. But apparently not for the union thugs and the far-left Greens’ leader. Greens leader Richard Di Natale has praised new ACTU secretary Sally McManus for saying that she does not have a problem with unions and workers breaking “unjust” laws, saying brave people have a duty […]

Bill Leak: the feral, foul and vicious Left on full display

No class, no decency, no humanity, no soul. Just vicious, unrestrained hatred. Disgusting.


Germany, 1939: mental illness leads to invasion of Poland

1939: Germany has invaded Poland, with the British Prime Minister calling it an outrageous act of mental illness. He said there was no evidence of any political motive on the part of the Third Reich, and that the invasion was carried out by people who “obviously suffer from mental health problems“. The reasons for the Germans […]

Turnbull: “Our best allies are Muslim leaders”

Like the Grand Mufti perhaps, who doesn’t speak English and defends terror attacks in France? Or perhaps these Muslim leaders who denounce anti-terror laws as ‘targeting Muslims’? Or maybe these instead that do the same? Or maybe it’s the imams who preach the Qur’an every Friday, knowing full well its exhortations of supremacy and hatred towards […]

Peaceful NSW Muslim arrested designing weapons for Islamic State

The Religion of Peace™ strikes again. Funny, isn’t it, that the most peaceful™ and feminist™ religion political ideology on earth keeps getting itself somehow mixed up with terrorist groups like Islamic State?  Shurely shome mishtake? as Lord Gnome might say. No, sadly: Police have charged a 42-year-old electrician and solar panel installer from the rural NSW town […]

ABC’s hatred for Israel

The ABC’s vicious hatred of Israel was on full display tonight in the 7pm News. The taxpayer funded broadcaster made sure it gave plenty of time to the ignorant hordes supporting the terrorist ‘Palestinians’ and protesting Bibi Netanyahu’s presence in Australia as a war criminal. Fortunately, Turnbull still has enough balls to support, without caveat, […]

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