ABC’s hatred for Israel

The ABC’s vicious hatred of Israel was on full display tonight in the 7pm News. The taxpayer funded broadcaster made sure it gave plenty of time to the ignorant hordes supporting the terrorist ‘Palestinians’ and protesting Bibi Netanyahu’s presence in Australia as a war criminal. Fortunately, Turnbull still has enough balls to support, without caveat, […]

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They'll be paying jizya next...

Unbelievable: Sydney school permits Muslim students to refuse handshakes with women

Let’s try this experiment in Saudi Arabia, shall we? Christian students refuse to pray to Allah because it is not part of their culture. I wonder how long they would last… Not here in dhimmified Sydney, where we must kowtow to misogynistic Islamic sharia law in order to avoid being called RACIST: A public school in […]

Weather is more scary than Allahu-akbaring, sword-wielding Muslims

Pope Francis: Muslim terrorism doesn’t exist (but the climate crisis is REAL!)

Apologies to my Catholic readers, but the truth is that Pope Francis is just a few chalices short of a communion, and is setting back the cause of the Christian church in the process. Good job Francis’ predecessor, Urban II, didn’t claim that Islam wasn’t a religion of violence, otherwise Europe wouldn’t have bothered to defend […]

Carbecues in Paris

Is Europe finished?

Short answer: yes (but the UK got out just in time – maybe) As we watch cars burning in Paris, and read of a wall being built around the Eiffel Tower to prevent terrorist attacks, we ponder to ourselves: how did Europe let it get so bad? I believe continental Europe is finished as a Western liberal democracy, […]

Deception is part of the war against the kuffar

Q&A: Yassmin Abdel-Magied lies for Islam

UPDATE 13:15 AEDT 15 February: Allowing Jacqui Lambie to call BS on Yassmin’s blatant falsehoods was ‘islamophobic’, according to a petition at This is because the filthy kuffar aren’t supposed to read about Islam from source texts and actually understand it for themselves, but are supposed to just swallow the Religion of Peace™ taqiyya/kitman without […]


I think there's a woman under there… who can tell?

Sydney – more cultural enrichment thwarted

What is the common thread through all of these plots? Hint: it’s Islam. But don’t say that or else you’re a racist, xenophobic bigot. THE jihadi ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ terror teens potentially facing life in prison were today refused bail after fresh charges were laid against them relating to the planning of a terrorist attack. […]

Conservatives need a home…

Conservative values now regarded as ‘far right’ as landscape shifts left

The political landscape in the West (including Australia) has shifted so far to the left in the last few decades that traditional conservative values are now regarded as ‘extreme’ or ‘far-right’. Examples are many, but would include: the scandalous idea that marriage should be only between a man and a woman; the bizarre notion that a country […]

The party’s over – the Liberal Party, that is…

I cut up my Liberal party membership card in September 2015 when Malcolm Turnbull, the progressive playboy banker, assassinated the sitting prime minister, Tony Abbott. Now his chickens have fully come home to roost. His wishy-washy, centrist, Labor-lite brand of progressivism has turned the voters off in droves. With the rise of Islamic terrorism, and […]

When the bubble bursts, reality rushes in…

Media bubble creates the dangerous irrationality of the Left

The Leftist media bubble has been punctured, and the results aren’t pretty. If you are ‘left-wing’ or ‘liberal’, whether here in Australia, in the US or the UK, you can go through weeks, months, even years, without ever hearing a contrary view or opinion on major areas of policy. In Australia, you can tune into […]

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